New website design for a private gym

Dominic asked me to create a new website to increase the online presence and provide ongoing marketing support for his gym.

Dom's Gym is a private, independent gym based in Bedfordshire that provides personal training services at affordable prices. Dominic has been training with weights for nearly 35 years. He has seen the coming and going of many a diet and training fad! Twenty five years ago he decided to become a professional Personal Trainer. Ever since, he has successfully used the training methods he's developed to help ordinary people achieve their own personal health and fitness goals. This success is based on a simple premise. Building muscle and therefore controlling body fat levels through resistance training is the key to sustainable long-term fitness.

The new website design positions Dom's Gym as a leading provider of personal training in the area. The site delivers useful online health and fitness advice whilst encouraging new customers to join the gym. Since the launch, traffic to the site has increased significantly and Dominic has seen the gym membership increase.

I continue to provide marketing support and have produced a range of material to promote the gym. These include adverts, leaflets, and 3x1m banners which reflect the strong branding developed for the website.


CLIENT: Dom's Gym